Domestic Gas  and LPG.

We take pride in making sure there are no problems with your gas supply and appliances.  Before we start, a let by test is carried out on the emergancy gas valve by your meter, the meter is checked for corrosion and other defects, followed by a tightness test, this checks the pipe work from the meter to the appliances.  At this stage we can see if there is a gas leak or if a appliance is faulty.


Boilers are checked for water leaks, pressure vessel for correct air pressure and is not split.  We also check for correct gas pressure to appliance and pressure when working, a anayliser is used to see correct Co (Carbon Monoxide) ratio's. 



Fires, these are removed from the hearth and the chimney is checked for debris, a smoke pellet is the used to check the flue pull.  This test checks for the integrity of the chimney and all rooms which the chimney goes through is checked for smoke as well as the loft space.


If any parts are required we only use genuine parts designed for the make of appliance.


A certificate will be issued on new installs and services. Landlords will also recieve a copy.

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